We are pleased to welcome you to our new website.


Abergavenny Market was run for many years by the 3 separate local

firms of J. Straker, Chadwick & Sons, Montague Harris & Co and Rennies trading independently within the same premises. 

Abergavenny Market Auctioneers Limited (AMAL) was launched after the Foot & Mouth Crisis in 2001 when on the re-opening of the market the 3 firms merged their market interests, being joined soon afterwards by much of the trade from Monmouth following the closure of that market in 2003.

AMAL became Abergavenny & Newport Market Auctioneers Limited (ANMAL) in 2010 following the closure of Newport Market.  ANMAL was a consortium, wholly owned by the 3 partner firms of J. Straker, Chadwick & Sons, Montague Harris & Co and Newland Rennie Wilkins.  The combined company with a pooling of resources, ran ANMAL from the Abergavenny premises between 2010-2013.

During this time and for several years before, the Company has been fully involved with Monmouthshire County Council in its development of a new state of the art replacement market at Bryngwyn, Near Raglan.

The New Site at Bryngwyn, held it's first sale on Tuesday 17th December 2013 as Monmouthshire Livestock Market, a consortium owned by J. Straker, Chadwick & Sons and Newland Rennie.

 Below are a few video's of our new Facilities in use.


MONDAY (replacing Tuesday Market) - weekly sale of finished lambs, store & cull sheep and fodder, gates open at 9am.

Sale of Fodder at 12 noon followed by Sale of finished lambs -12.30am.  

MONTHLY SALE OF PIGS - NEXT SALE - MONDAY 4th  AUGUST AT 12.15PM - Please notify entries to Market Office

WEDNESDAY - weekly sale of finished lambs, store & cull sheep, cows & calves, feeding bulls, store cattle, barren cows (tested & untested sections), calves & stirks, pigs - weighing from 6am. 

Sale of finished Lambs -  9.30am.     

Baby Calves - 10.30am.  

Sale of Cattle in the main ring commencing at 11am with Cows & Calves followed by Stirks, Bulls & Store Cattle.   Barren Cows - 2pm (tested & untested).

SEASONAL SALES - In addition to the weekly sales above seasonal sales of Breeding Sheep & Rams, Weaned Calves, Pedigree Livestock.